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I Hate your country

Currently The Most hated Country is: United States With 157 Votes
But you can change that by placing your vote, or keep it the way it is by placing your vote. This site was opened on the 24th Feb 2010, please tell everyone you know to come along and vote...

This site is back after being down for some months. we had a hacker trying to change the website I have hopefully remedied this now and the site will be back for good.

DOES ANYBODY KNOW ANY AFRICANS OR SOUTH AMERICANS? we don't have enough votes from those continents to make this fair, if you know some africans or south americans who speak english or can at least understand the site can you get them to come here please? or, if in fact you speak and write another language and feel like translating the site can you please let me know, Any contributions are welcome. As are any corrections to our country database

i hate your country <dot> com, vote for the country/countries you dislike the most. You can vote once every 12 hours you will also be asked to leave a comment. Currently the number of votes is low, However, if you could let your friends know, Especially those who live abroad we should be able to generate a good overview of those countries that really need to clean up their act(s).

why not? I have often wondered about which country is the least favourite in the world, The point of this site is to find the least popular country in the world and why, in the hope that maybe the country will pay attention and clean up their act, sharpish!
Its simple, Whenever you decide you dislike a country, come here and on the vote page tick the countries (up to 3) that you dislike. Then hit submit and see who else agrees. You can do this once every 12 hours.

All votes are anonymous! the only thing that is logged is your I.P address and country, these records are only kept for data analytics and will not be released to 3rd parties, 3 countries at a time max, if you hate the whole world then maybe its best not bother voting, what would be the point?

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